Thursday, April 5, 2012

B.B. Creams and More

Has anyone tried B.B. Creams? And do they work?

Sephora claims they are an "all-in-one skincare wonder. Their lightweight, multitasking formulas provide SPF sunscreen protection and work to moisturize, conceal, and treat skin in just one simple step. The silky, tinted lotions effortlessly blend with your natural tone, minimize the need for concealer and foundation, camouflage lines and imperfections, and serve as a skin-perfecting primer. With just one swipe, skin is left looking smooth, glowing, and natural."
I'll take that, please. There are so many out there. I like that Garnier has one for only $12. Might be worth a try for that price.

I'm also curious about Macadamia Hair products - especially the Healing Oil Spray. $14.50
Provides intense nourishment
Long lasting tangle + frizz-free finish
Amazing shine and manageability
Instantaneous absorption
Light-weight, non-greasy feel
Extends color treatment life
Natural UV protection
Reduces drying time 40-50%
Kai Body Buffer

These are more pricey at $40. Oprah claims they are one of her favorite things. I think Oprah has a lot of favorite things. But, they do sound quite nice. It's a hypo-allergenic bath and shower sponge, Kai Body Buffer is contains natural essences of Palm, Coconut and Olive Oil. Cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin. Releases fragrant Kai foaming bubbles when wet. • Set of two bath and shower sponges. Approximately 30 uses.


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  1. If that macadamia spray can reduce drying time by 50%, I am in!!