Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool Kid Stuff

Obviously it's no longer Tuesday. Yesterday got away from me and so did writing my blog. But, I still want to share some cool kids stuff I've recently discovered. Enjoy!

Beaba's 360-degree spoon spins inside the handle so your baby's first bites end up in his or her mouth and not the floor.

Buzzy's ice-cold wings and vibrating tummy help confuse baby's nerves to dull pain when getting shots. Not sure if it works, but worth a shot...

Sassy's new Grow Up Cup is a sippy without the spout or straws. Instead, your baby can drink from the spillproof rim, which hopefully helps the transition to an open cup.

B. Box Travel Bib keeps baby's dinner mess out of your diaper bag. Just fold it and the spoon into attached pouch, zip, and toss in.

Musty Grow-up! booster seat is stylish and functional. And it gets your tot directly to the table.

Safety 1st is coming out with two new products I would love to have. They haven't been released yet, so I am still searching for pictures. One is safety locks for stainless-steel appliances and the other is a carseat that has an electronic ventilation system that pushes air on baby's back. That would be amazing here in hot Charleston.

And last but not least - nursery inspiration. I've seen this featured on several blogs and over on Pinterest. Loving the wallpaper and gender neutral theme.

Happy shopping!

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