Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Champagne Punch

I almost forgot how much I enjoy a good champagne punch! At my recent Stella & Dot party I mixed up some using my favorite recipe (passed down from my mom of course). Although I can't indulge like I normally would, I did have more than a sample. It is too good to pass up. Perfect refreshment for a shower or afternoon party. I served mine in a pitcher rather than a traditional punch bowl. But either way makes a lovely presentation.

Hamby's Champagne Punch

2 (33.8) bottles gingerale, chilled
1 (6oz) can frozen lemonade
Maraschino Cherries - as many as you like
1 (12 oz) can frozen orange juice
1 (25.4) bottle dry champagne, chilled (I added a little more for good health)

Mix together in punch bowl or pitcher.
Makes 18 Cups
Garnish with fresh fruit of choice.

(I also freeze some lemonade ice cubes to help keep punch chilled)



  1. Oh, I wish I could make this today! I'm having some ladies over, but the only ingredients I can buy here is the champagne and cherries! I'm having a horrible time making my favorite recipes because I can't get the items I normally use. I might try some creative substitutes and see what happens... if it has champagne, no combination could be too disastrous, right?! -Cyn

    1. I have several more if that helps. Maybe other ingredients will be more available.
      Enjoy your get together!

  2. That looks so refreshing! Thanks for sharing your recipe!