Thursday, March 29, 2012

Young & Restless - Questions of the Week

I admit it. I'm a Y&R addict. Truthfully I started watching all the CBS soaps at an early age. It's a good thing most of them are off the air now. How did stay at home moms ever get anything done between 12:30pm - 4:00pm?? I try and watch while Greyson is napping. But, he has seen it enough  to smile when he hears the theme music.

Most of the years I was working, I didn't really keep up with any of them. Until about five years ago - I discovered SoapNet. My daily routine was to come home from work, get dinner started, pour a glass if wine, and park myself in front of the tv for my Y&R fix. I truly believe this is the real reason Grant was so encouraging for me to stay at home with Greyson - no more soap opera to suffer through from 7:00 - 8:00 every night....
My best friend catches it in the evenings when she gets home from work as well. Our usual texts or emails contain no "How are you?" or "Did you have a good day?". Its more like, "Adam's best line yet!!!" or "What is Phyllis wearing???". We spend more time discussing the latest in the GC than our own lives. Below are some of our favorite topics.

1. Are they really selling Jabot Cosmetics? And who is buying it?? And if Tracy Bergman (Lauren) really wears it, I might try it out. That woman hasn't aged in 20 years.

2. Why is Victor still in fight scenes? He's way too old to be kicking ass and taking names. Eric Braden is 70 years old. I'm not sure how old Victor is suppose to be. But, I know he is too old to take on three 20 year olds in a bar fight. It must be the black t-shirts he always wears....

3. Why is Devon credited as "Bryton"? Who does he think he is? Bono? I think not.

4. When is Nikki going to fall off the wagon again? Who doesn't love drunk Nikki?
Nobody does it better than Melody Thomas Scott.

5. When is drunk Nikki going to murder someone else so Ronan can come back and investigate? I miss his huge crime board with the sheet covering it....

Stay tuned for more burning questions!


  1. love it! this post had us giggling in the office this morning.

  2. I haven't watched this in years, but my asst service manager is in love and watches everyday on his lunch break. I still love me some Victor Newman!

    1. So does Myron! He is the one that pointed out victor is always wearing black shirts when he fights!