Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation Dreaming

We were hopeful to go on a more exotic vacation this summer. I always enjoy our yearly family vacations with both sides of our family. And we are fortunate to have cool places to visit with them - a lake home, St. Simons Island, Naples, Florida. This year we were planning an additional vacation with just the three of us. But, you know the saying - "life happens while you are busy making plans"....
Well, we are now planning for a new baby this summer. Of course that is more exciting than any silly ol vacation. But my fingers are crossed for you, Turks and Caicos. See you next year. Until then I can revisit vacations past:

Envisioning that I am here again:

Marina Fiesta Resort
Cabo San Lucas

or here:
Pueblo Bonita Rose
Cabo San Lucas

needing this dress
Gypsy 05

for some margarita sipping here:
Captain Tony's

Happy Vacation  - wherever  you go this year!

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