Monday, March 26, 2012

Maternity Monday: Must Haves Part 1

It's only been sixteen months since I had a baby. But there are so many cool, new baby products out there right now. I'm going to assume they are new anyway. How could I have missed these items the last go around?!

B. Box bottles

These bottles come with a compartment for dry formula. When your little one gets hungry, just push the powder into the water, shake and serve.
I only breastfed for about three months with Greyson. These would have been awesome thereafter!

Magnificent Baby's bodysuits & sleepers

These are much more than I would normally pay for a bodysuit. But magnets instead of snaps? I'll take at least three, thank you. What a godsend for midnight changings and travel.

Greens Sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipes

Tired of carrying around that huge pack of wipes?
A drop of water is all you need to expand these into a soft, natural baby wipes.

Huggie Bear

Heat this little guy in the microwave and he'll help calm baby with a warm lavender scent.
He might not be a must have....but I can't resist.

Jahgoo Bath Positioner

Love the cool design - for same value as function.
Only $15!!

And now for the "If I was a celebrity mom" pick of the day....

Zen Stroller by Bloom

Now I wouldn't trade my BOB Revolution for anything. But, this stroller is pretty neat. Not only is a piece of neon goodness, it folds up to fit in the (most) smallest of cars.

Hope you enjoyed my round up. Check in next Monday for part two!

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