Monday, March 12, 2012

Maternity Monday: Maternity clothes I would actually wear

The unfortunate thing about maternity shopping (besides feeling like a fat blob) is all the really cute stuff is ridiculously priced - and what's left is not so hot. Most things I wear are not even maternity. But, here are a few cute options that won't break the bank. Old Navy Maternity wins hands down.

1. Stripe Dress - Motherhood Maternity
2. Maxi Dress - Old Navy Maternity
3. Flower Print Dress - Old Navy Maternity
4. Halter Dress - Old Navy Maternity
5. Cropped Jean Jacket - Old Navy Maternity
6. Maxi Skirt - Old Navy Maternity
7. Fitted Stripe Dress - Liz Lange for Target
8. Arizona Dress - (if I was a celebrity mom) Tibi


  1. You could make wearing a paper sack cute -- pregnant or not! : )

    1. One of the many reasons you are one of my dearest friends!